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We are the top rated Google Ads & Social Marketing Experts

On Point and On Target

We have 2 decades of successful world class experience in digital marketing… from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and working with Ad Networks to LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and Amazon Ads.

We have real world knowledge and know what works… this isn’t theory to us. Not only do we run our own business… we also help manage the online presence, marketing and websites of various other companies.

We are an American based company that speaks English natively and knows the tone, context, etc. of what your ads should look and sound like. Unlike some companies that pawn your account tasks to some random overseas based entity… we keep everything in-house.

Mike gave me a 10x return and ignited my revenue as if it was lit with rocket fuel… in just 1 year and I was able to grow at a rate that blew my mind.

– Sarah T.

Digital Marketing Agency

Online Marketing

Google Ads

Max Growth Media should be your go to for all things Google Ads. We are the premier destination for businesses that need to mazimize their Google Ad spend and need a world class competent google ads management company leading their company’s google marketing efforts. We would love to be your Google Ads digital marketing team. We are also experts in Google Adsense as well… so if you need help maximizing that revenue stream – hit us up!

Social Media Marketing

It can be expensive to advertise on social media if you don’t know what you are doing. Let us be your Social Media Marketing team where we excel at using social media ad networks to drive customers to your site and business. We are experts at using Facebook Ads, Twitter (“X”) Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Local Service Ads & Amazon Ads

Do you need “local love” for your business? Are you looking for a Google Local Service ads pro… look no further. We can get that phone ringing and your inbox full from local customers looking for your products and services! We also can do Amazon ads. Do you have products on Amazon? Let us maximize those sales on Amazon. Lets us help you stand out from the “jungle” that can be by hiring Max Growth Media to create & manage the best product listing ads for your business.

Website Development & Design

Need a website? Need to improve your site? Need to properly integrate your site with Google? How about some SEO work? Our sister company WebWorx Technology gives us a unique advantage where we are truly a 1 stop shop for all things internet, marketing and website related. We know how to maximize your site to fully take advantage of every marketing dollar that you use.

Google Ads Digital Marketing

Raving Fan


We hired Mike just over 8 years ago to help transform our ecommerce business and that he did. He took our old website and created a brand new one… put it on a new platform (BigCommerce) which had immediate positive gains & results for my business. Then he took over our Google Ads and Amazon Product Listing Ads accounts and has successfully ran that for years as well. We went from a small local business to a formidable national company with his help and guidance. Not to mention he is always available, easy to work with and just a good human. I can’t imagine where I would be at without making the great decision to hire him back in 2015 and thrilled to this day that he still is working with us.

M. H. - AAT

Orlando, FL


Raving Fan


We hired Mike 3 years ago after wasting a bunch of money with another internet marketing company. Since making the switch… he “punched up” our WordPress website, integrated our marketing with the site we had and we are seeing way better returns with our Google Ad & Facebook Ad spend. Hiring Mike and his company is a no-brainer decision… just do it and let him work his magic.

Tammy S.


Digital Marketing Agency

The MGM Difference


Here are just some of the tasks that we will do for you:

  • Thoroughly analyze what you and your company needs
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Code Snippet Implementation
  • Website Integration
  • Site update/upgrade (if needed)
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics properly setup
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign & Account optimization
  • Digital Marketing Managment
  • Site & Marketing Analytics with Google Analytics
  • & much more such as additional marketing tips, techniques and insight


  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter (“X”) Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Amazon Ads

We also know how to use the various non-social media online Advertising Networks that can put your company’s products and services on specific websites throughout the United States, North America and the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Ads?
The days of just having a website… and keyword stuffing it and thinking folks will just find you via “google osmosis” are over. Google doesn’t give the respect to SEO that it once did. The internet is a crowded scene and the best way to consistently reach “eyeballs” and increase your orders, revenue and presence is by being a marketing savage through great website integration, awesome ad creation/management and utilizing world class tracking + analysis. If you want to not only survive… but thrive… having a great digital marketing plan is a necessity… and running awesome ads is a must.
Why do I need to hire you?

Simply stated… because we are the best. We have a bunch of clients who have stuck with us for years and you don’t get that unless you’re performing. People aren’t gonna have you spend their money unless they are trusting you and you’re helping out their bottom line.

Can I do this myself?

Probably not. I mean… can you do it… yes… can you do it well… doubt it. There are a ton of moving parts to running great online ads and unless you do it often… and have a ton of experience with everything from website integration, tracking codes and CTA’s… to keyword analysis, campaign creation and what settings work the best… you will be wasting money. And when you consider what you will be paying us to be your marketing team… why would you do it yourself when we are afforable, compentent and will help you maximize your growth!

How much money do I need?

There is no one size fits all. We run campaigns that are on a $200 a month ad budget and we also have run campaigns that do $1,000,000 a month… and everything in between. The main thing is that you need to at least start… and then ramp up when it makes sense and the increased revenue from our marketing efforts… can pay for itself. Our fee is a small upfront fee to kickstart things and set everything up properly and do all of the prep, initial and integration work… and then we charge a lower than industry standard monthly fee… that usually is a percentage of the monthly ad budget. Our costs are lower than the competition and our performance is way higher. Ask around… that’s the word on the “street.”

How quickly will I see results?

We aren’t gonna tell you that you will see 5x results on day 1. Some see positive results that quickly but it often can take a few weeks to a few months as we find what works best with your business, staff, product/service, etc. Every business is different… there is no cookie-cutter that can be used… sure, our 20+ years of experience in this space lets us get a huge jumpstart on others… but there are nuances with every business and their culture which takes some time to maximize performance for you. We will never lie or exaggerate a result prediction to you  just so you hire us… as we are straight shooters. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver and keep you as a client for many years to come. People trust us with their business and we do not take that for granted. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

What's the next step?

Just contact us by filling out this form or by calling us at (772) 228-1622 and we will have a chat with you and find out what your site is, the product/services that you offer and what your needs are. We will then design a plan for you… and with your permission… get it rolling by “tossing rocket fuel” on your business and seeing your revenues launch to a much higher level then where they are now. So CLICK HERE and send us an email or give us a call.

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Market & Keyword Research, Implementation, Site Integration, Tracking, Campaign Creation, Digital Marketing Managment, Analytics & more on the following platforms: Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Ads.

Need Web Development & Web Design?

Check out WebWorx Technology, our 5 star rated “sister company.”


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